Spring Cleaning Tips for Caregivers

The Caregiver's Journal Spring Cleaning Tips for Caregivers and Seniors

Spring Cleaning for Your Whole Health
Spring cleaning has a new lease on life these days. In “olden times” you would scrub every surface of the house to remove the dark, sooty grime that built up from using candles, kerosene lamps and wood stoves throughout the winter.
Caregivers today can use spring cleaning as an important “excuse” or a new routine in homes where seniors may no longer be able to keep up with regular housekeeping chores themselves.
Start with a thorough checklist – then check it twice
– Cleaning up computer files and organizing photos, etc.
– Physical cleaning of home, including carpets
– Medical paperwork and other tax dependent documents
– Medicine cabinet (expired medicine or no longer needed)
– Old food in the refrigerator and pantry
– Any fire hazards like hoarded paperwork, newspapers, and fire safety issues like expired fire extinguishers and replacing old batteries in fire detectors
– Yard debris, indoor and out door tripping hazards
Make a time commitment
– Create a time line or schedule for when each things should be done
– Be sure to also schedule in quality time with your loved one or the one for whom you care
– Create an opportunity for some “fun” and celebrate your achievements too perhaps with some fresh spring flowers to brighten the room
Enlist help
– Call upon family, friends and paid help
– Involve your loved one and ask them to lend you a hand as they are able
– Make conversation and feedback part of the process
Be aware of what you “Find”
– If you uncover more serious issues while cleaning (like perhaps depression, dementia, or other physical manifestations of deeper psychological and mental health issues) call your loved one’s physician for recommendations on next steps
– Keep track of important papers and other items of value in a systematic way, including medical information with your copy of The Caregiver’s Journal.
– Financial issues are often uncovered during spring and tax time too.¬†Check out this video for some quick tips on tuning up your financial heath too from CBS’ Jillon Money.

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