The Caregiver’s Journal Wins National Award

Marie Gibson

Marie Gibson, author of The Caregiver’s Journal, a guide for those taking care of loved ones who are hospitalized.

Reno-based business consultant, college instructor and author Marie Gibson has won a national award for her book focused on helping adult children successfully manage the hospitalization of a parent or other loved one. The Caregiver’s Journal, a book that supports the caregiver’s critical role as advocate for the patient, has been honored with the Caregiver Friendly® Award. The recognition is presented by Today’s Caregiver magazine to celebrate outstanding books, media, products and services designed with the best interest of the family caregiver in mind. Gibson will receive the award on July 26 at the annual Fearless Caregiver Conference in Boca Raton, FL.

The Caregiver’s Journal is the first publication specifically organized into sections for tracking day-by-day hospital care, including doctors’ and staff members’ names, tests ordered, medication schedules and patient changes. Additional sections cover details necessary for documenting various therapies, including physical, occupational and respiratory therapy. The book also includes helpful advice, reminders and hospital insider tips. Gibson also is the author of Smart Books=Smart Business, a popular business owner’s guide to creating a simple, effective accounting system, and she is an instructor of business at the University of Nevada, Reno.

“It’s especially gratifying to be recognized for a book that I created from my own experiences in taking care of my father during his hospitalization,” said Gibson. “Managing all of the details of a loved one’s illness can be daunting, and I’m pleased that The Caregiver’s Journal is making it easier for people to be better advocates for those they love,” she added.