The Five Freedoms of Caregiving

Five Freedoms Cover (2)

July is a month when the U.S. celebrates freedom. Caregiving is often associated with restrictions on an individual’s independence. This month The Caregiver’s Journal is taking fresh approach. While we realize that caregiving has its limitations, caregivers also have a lot of freedom in how they deal with their individual circumstance.

You too can discover freedoms in your caregiving role. No really…we aren’t kidding. Here are a few hints to get started.

Caregivers have the Freedom to:

  1. Maintain their liberty without declaring independence from the ones they love. Caregiving takes the focus off our typical self-reliance and demonstrates our mutual needs as human beings and as a community.
  2. Educate themselves with accurate information by engaging with credible resources that help improve the health and well-being of their loved ones and everyone involved in the care.
  3. Graciously accept help when people offer it, while freely communicating the specific help needed and when.
  4. Experience grief as a part of the process. Caregivers help survivors deal with feelings of guilt, helplessness, anger, fear, and grief and move through those emotions while accepting their necessity as part of healing.
  5. Embrace the happiness bestowed through caregiving. Although the virtue of caregiving often seems too ordinary and undervalued, it is truly extraordinary in this world where giving and receiving of care is often eschewed.

How has caregiving changed your definition of independence? E-mail us at or tweet to @jmariegibson if you can contribute more freedoms that you have experienced in your caregiving journey. We will publish your responses in next month’s article, so check it out on our website .