A Special Message for Caregivers (even temporary ones)

Peace of mind for caring hearts and helping hands!

For most people, the hospital is a scary and confusing place. They or their loved one is ill, and there is concern regarding the outcome of the illness, the surgery and the subsequent quality of hospital care.

Whether your loved one is entering the hospital for a brief visit or an extended stay, using this journal will bring him or her, and you, peace of mind. It may also be instrumental in improving his or her health and well-being. It will certainly encourage the nurses, doctors, therapists and other staff to be additionally conscientious when treating your friend and loved one.

Recording conversations with doctors, nurses, nutritionists and others will help you feel in control, and it may improve the care of the patient and help save their life. It will also provide consistency when multiple caregivers are involved with the patient. The best gift you can give your loved one is to have someone with him or her at all times possible—and recording the events and conversations during the stay. This journal was designed for exactly this purpose.

This journal provides a way of recording communications so that you, other caregivers and the patient become an active part of the healing process. It is best to start using it immediately and continue using it until the patient is discharged—perhaps even during the follow-up visits. There are pages specifically created for various therapies in the second half of this journal, and be sure to check out the additional suggestions at the bottom of each page in this journal…I trust that they may be useful during your time at the hospital.

Warm wishes for your loved one’s speedy recovery.